Teddy Mamo, MD, PhD

Blood Banking/Transfusion Medicine Fellow

Teddy has lived in many places but after spending 8 years in Rochester, MN to complete his MD/PhD training at the Mayo clinic, he considers Minnesota home. Before that, he graduated from the Nanotechnology Engineering program at the University of Waterloo in Canada. He chose the UMN Residency Program because of its strong CP training and the dedication to residents’ learning with an emphasis on an inclusive learning environment. Before joining the CP program, he completed a Pediatrics Internship at UTSW in Dallas, TX and spent a year with Dr. David McKenna at the UMN doing a Cell Therapy Post-Doctoral Fellowship. In his free time, he enjoys the nature scenes of the Twin Cities. His main hobbies are kayaking, paddle boarding and playing/watching soccer.


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Teddy Mamo